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Why do I need probiotics for my skin?

Just as probiotics taken internally work to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, so do probiotics applied directly to the skin. Skin is bombarded daily with an excess of harsh pollutants, chemicals and free radicals, all of which put our skin – our body’s first line of defense – in a state of exhausted, constant crisis. 

Live, active probiotics applied topically provide much needed reinforcements for the good bacteria in the skin’s microbiome while neutralizing the harmful bacteria. This allows the skin to find peace, rebalance and reset for an optimum level of health and vibrancy.

Are LaFlore® products safe to use if I am pregnant or nursing?

LaFlore ®’s gentle, plant based formulations do not contain ingredients known to be contraindicated for pregnant or nursing mothers however. We still advised you check with your doctor prior to use to ensure LaFlore® is right for your particular circumstances.

Can three products really help all skin types? Is this really all I need?

Yes! LaFlore® formulations go to work on the core issues that cause many common skin conditions. Live probiotics have the capacity to instantly and bio-responsively correct imbalances in the skin’s microbiome by eliminating disruptive bacteria while fortifying the bacteria that can make positive change. In essence, LaFlore® intuitively determines what your skin needs most on a day to day basis and delivers exactly what it needs to rebalance itself.

I don’t want to give up my favorite moisturizer, is there a way to use it with LaFlore®?

Absolutely. LaFlore® products add a boost of live probiotics to any other cleansers, serums or moisturizer when blended in a 1:1 ratio.

How does the science behind LaFlore® help with acne?

Our patent pending technology includes strains of probiotics that perform several functions simultaneously – one of which is to neutralize “bad” bacteria such as P. acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) – while bolstering the “good” bacteria that help calm troubled skin. Time released formulations mean your skin receives breakout fighting support around the clock without the use of any ingredients that strip or sensitize the skin. 

I don’t have any skin issues, why should I use a probiotic skin care line?

Skincare is not just about appearance it’s also about overall health and wellness. We encounter unwanted bacteria, environmental stressors and harsh chemicals on a daily basis so protecting the skin and giving it what it needs to defend and strengthen itself is vitally important. Our skin performs a multitude of miraculous functions that affect our overall wellbeing. Being mindful of what you put on your skin falls into the same category of self-care that might also include supplements, smart food choices and living a wellness-based lifestyle.

My skin looks shiny after I apply the moisturizer. Any suggestions?

LaFlore® Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer is designed to give the skin a healthy glow, but if you prefer a matte finish, simply apply a thin layer of LaFlore TM Probiotic Serum as your finishing step.

My skin is already oily. Are the oils in the LaFlore® products going to make it even oiler?

The skin, even oily skin, still needs hydration and moisture. Oftentimes the overproduction of sebum is due to the fact the skin is dehydrated. Since many products for oily skin are formulated with ingredients that are alcohol based the skin may react by producing even more oil in an effort to balance itself. LaFlore® ’s skin friendly, plant-derived oils are carefully chosen to balance moisture levels, deliver necessary levels of hydration with no surface residue and help end the cycle of overproduction.

Don’t I need to be exfoliating? Why is there no exfoliant in the LaFlore® line?

LaFlore® actually has two products designed to support the skin’s natural ability to renew itself.

LaFlore® Probiotic Cleanser, the first step in the LaFlore® program, contains bromelain, a pineapple derived enzyme that supports the skin’s natural ability to self-shed, as well as perilla seed oil, which has been shown to increase circulation and stimulate cell production.

Additionally, LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate contains probiotics clinically proven to help speed cellular turnover and smooth the skin without the disruptive effects of manual scrubs or alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

Can I use self-tanners on my face while using LaFlore®?

Yes, absolutely! A lot of self-tanners can be very drying so using LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate to help restore hydration can actually extend the benefits of self-tanners for a longer period of time.

Why doesn’t the LaFlore® Probiotic Cleanser have a distinctive ‘signature scent?’

Most signature scents are blended using synthetic perfumes and fragrances which do not add any actual benefits to a skincare product and, in many cases, cause reactions for people with sensitivities. Instead, we use plant-derived essential oils to create a sensory experience that benefits body and mind and delivers a full spectrum of holistic benefits.

Why does the moisturizer have such a thin consistency? 

LaFlore® Daily Defense Moisturizer is aloe-based which gives this product a luxe, lightweight feel while also delivering deep, easily absorbed hydration to the skin. A thick, heavy layer of facial cream can actually block your skin’s ability to “breathe”, self-regulate and thrive. In many cases heavy creams or lotions do nothing but trap an occlusive layer of oil against the skin which imparts no real benefits.

Are your products organic?

We use natural, plant-based ingredients in all LaFlore® products and certified organic ingredients are the preferred choice when we sourcing raw materials.

What is the difference between an “active” probiotic and other types of probiotics?

Probiotics commonly used in skincare formulas come in two forms,  “live” and “essence”.

Live probiotics are just that – alive. They function by supplying a full-range of benefits to the skin’s microbiome, not the least of which is fortifying the healthy bacteria needed for optimally healthy skin.

Probiotic essences, the most common form of probiotics used in skincare are mildly beneficial fragments left over when a live probiotic has completed its life cycle.

LaFlore® uses a unique combination of prebiotics and live probiotics to give skin the maximum support it needs to function at the highest level of holistic skin health.

Why are the serum and moisturizer pink?

LaFlore® uses only unbleached ingredients in our formulations which gives our products a naturally, vibrant hue. Products that are white or clear contain ingredients which have been altered, a process that strips them of many vital nutrients even if they are plant-based or organic.

I use both the serum and moisturizer but my skin still feels dry, what do you suggest?

Layer LaFlore® Daily Defense Moisturizer over LaFlore® Serum Concentrate morning and evening until your skin’s natural ability to self-regulate has been stabilized and your skin achieves the desired level of hydration. Then switch to using the serum at night and the moisturizer during the day.

My skin tingles after I use the products, what is going on?

Many of the ingredients in LaFlore® are used specifically because they stimulate circulation and help detoxify the skin. Some tingling and a rosy appearance when you begin using the product is normal and are signs that your skin is “waking up” to a healthier state of being.

Why doesn’t LaFlore® have a product with an SPF?

We chose to launch with a simple, three step skin care line but an SPF product is definitely in the works. In the meantime we suggest using mineral-based, full spectrum sun protection applied daily, in the morning, after your LaFlore® Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer.

Why doesn’t LaFlore® have a mask?

LaFlore® Probiotic Cleanser actually doubles as an exfoliating mask. Gently massage cleanser onto damp skin and leave on for 90 seconds. Remove with a warm, damp wash cloth and apply the serum or moisturizer.

Since LaFlore® contains live probiotics, don’t the products need to be refrigerated?

Our patent pending formulas suspend live probiotics in a stable “cryo-like” state, so no refrigeration is necessary.

What is the shelf life of the products?

Unopened LaFlore® products are good for two years unless otherwise stated. As with all skin care products, best results are achieved if products are used within six months after opening.

Can I use Retin-A with LaFlore® products?

Our goal is that you will not have to use Retin-A at all. LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate works on a similar mechanism of action to deliver the benefits of a retinoid or retinol without the disruption often caused by these actives. If you are not ready to discontinue use of retinoid or retinol products, we suggest applying LaFlore® Serum Concentrate as a last step in your evening routine to help calm and fortify the skin.

Is LaFlore safe to use for oncology patients after radiation or chemo?

Yes. LaFlore®’s gentle probiotic formulas can be very helpful in calming and soothing skin that has become sensitized through medical treatments.